About Us

Over a decade ago, as a MBA student at Oxford, Kabir Jeet Singh juggled his academic schedule with a job at the local pub. His spice loving tastebuds soon grew tired of the same free burger he was given at work everyday and yearned for flavours from home. Deciding it was time he played with his food, he started fusing Indian spices into the meat and aioli to create these Indianised burgers that were soon a rage among the pub staff. His mates dubbed him 'Burger Singh'

A couple of years later, with his Oxford degree and his new nickname, Kabir arrived back in India with a plan to flip burgers; much to the annoyance of his parents. After lots of hard work and some great people joining the quest, Burger Singh opened its first store in India in 2014. The brand has, since then, become one of the fastest growing burger chains in India with 26 outlets a full pipeline. Burger Singh food labs carefully source and blend the most exotic of Indian spices from various regions in India and turn them into an exquisite range of premium products.

When Abhinav and Sagar, owners of Corks and Kegs approached Kabir to bring Burger Singh to the UK, it made perfect sense. It was poetic for the place where the Burger Singh story began to be the first international location of expansion. The first two outlets are at the Corks and Kegs pubs in the Pimlico area of Central London. Since the first launch, the brand has successfully endeared itself to the London fusion food scene by re-inventing the average burger in a quintessentially ‘desi’ way.

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Burger Singh

Royal Oak Pimlico, Regency Street,
London, Uk
+44 20 7881 0768

The Rising Sun, 44-46 Ebury Bridge Road,
London, Uk
+44 20 7881 0768

Hansom Cab, Kensigton, 84-86 Earls Court Road, W8 6EG
+44 20 7937 8880

Burger Singh Food Truck, ExCel London, Aloft Hotel, Royal Victoria Dock,
One Eastern Gateway, E16 1FR